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Vascular Assessment

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Comprehensive Vascular Assessment of the Lower Limb

A comprehensive vascular assessment of the lower limb can reassure you and in some cases can highlight areas in which you need further investigation or intervention.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (poor circulation in the lower limbs) increases your risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardio-vascular problems. Being aware of your circulatory status supports you in keeping your feet and limbs safe, and can highlight any areas which may need vascular intervention.

Act pro-actively to understand your vascular health.

Includes a Full Medical Report for you & your GP

We use an ultrasound device called a doppler to carry out our assessment into the blood flow in the two main arteries in your feet; tibialis posterior and dorsalis pedis. Assessment of these arteries allows us to build a picture of how good the circulation in your legs is as a whole.

The ABPI is a non-invasive test for peripheral artery disease (PAD).

An ABPI is indicated if poor circulation is suspected. If you receive a poor result from your ABPI, we will support you in getting the further support you need via the Vascular team. This may include further investigations or vascular intervention.

We’ll check your blood pressure as part of our vascular assessment.

If we have any concerns we will let you know, and the results will form part of our report which can be shared with your GP or consultant if you wish.