Post Surgical Physiotherapy

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Introduction to Post Surgical Physiotherapy

Undergoing surgery can be a significant event in your life, and the proper rehabilitation process is crucial to your recovery and long-term well-being. Our experienced team of physiotherapists is here to guide you through your post-surgical journey, providing expert care and personalized treatment plans to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. Whether you’ve had a hip or knee replacement or a sports ligament reconstruction (ACL), or other surgical procedures, our goal is to optimize your healing process and help you regain your strength, mobility, and independence.

Commonly performed orthopedic surgeries that can benefit from Physiotherapy:

  • Joint replacements: Knee or Hip total or partial replacement
  • Cartilage repair: Shoulder, Hip or knee labrum tears reconstruction or meniscal repairs
  • Ligament repair: Knee ligaments (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL), ankle ligament reconstruction
  • Muscle tear repair: Hamstring, quadriceps, gastrocnemius, biceps tear repair

Key Aspects of Our Care:

Pain Management: Surgery can be accompanied by post-operative pain and discomfort. Our physiotherapists implement techniques and exercises to manage pain effectively, allowing you to progress in your recovery comfortably.

Restoring Mobility and Function: After surgery, your mobility may be limited. Our tailored treatment plans aim to restore joint flexibility, muscle strength, and overall functional abilities, helping you regain independence in your daily activities.

Reducing Swelling and Inflammation: Swelling and inflammation are common after surgery. Through manual therapy and targeted exercises, we help to reduce edema and promote circulation, aiding the healing process.

Preventing Complications: Post-surgical physiotherapy can reduce the risk of complications such as joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, and post-operative adhesions, ensuring a smoother recovery process.

Scar Tissue Management: Our physiotherapists employ specialized techniques to manage scar tissue formation, enhancing tissue flexibility and preventing adhesions that may limit movement.

Restoring Balance and Coordination: Surgery and immobility can affect your balance and coordination. Our targeted exercises and balance training help to improve proprioception and reduce the risk of falls.

Follow-up: Your care doesn’t end after the first appointment and care plan. We care about your progress and will schedule a follow-up appointment within a few weeks to check on your condition, address any concerns, and advance your rehabilitation plan. Our method of supportive, ongoing management has shown to yield the best results, and that’s what we aim for you.

At Infinite Physio, we are committed to providing you with personalized care and effective solutions to manage and alleviate your elbow, hand and wrist pain. Our team of skilled professionals is here to support you throughout your journey to better health.

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