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Fungal Nail Test

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Rapid Fungal Nail Test

Our rapid Fungal Nail Test provides an immediate diagnosis, allowing us to initiate treatment without delay.

No need to struggle with NHS waiting and processing times which can take weeks, sometimes months to navigate.

Our test detects the presence of all common types of fungus affecting the nails from a tiny sample of nail

The test is proven to give highly accurate and reliable results by a process of immune-chromatography

It can avoid you needing to consider treatment if the result is negative.

More about our Fungal Nails Test?

The test confirms the presence of dermatophytes in the nail. Dermatophytes account for 97% of fungal nail infections, with the remaining infections caused primarily yeasts and moulds.

Published studies show our test to have an accuracy of 97% – meaning you can be confident in the test results. This is comparable to tests available on the NHS.

Yes, the Prevent ID Dermatophyte Test has undergone rigorous testing and a number of scientific publications documenting its success have appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of Dermatology.

Yes, anti-fungal treatments have no effect on the result of this test. This is different to the usual mycology testing undertaken by the NHS, which can provide false-negative results when anti-fungal treatments are in use.

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