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Corns, Callus, Nail Care & More!

Our Corns, Callus & Nail Care appointments are specially designed to support you with the following:

  • Nail cutting
  • Thick nails
  • Callus
  • Corns
  • Cracked heels
  • Skin conditions such as; athletes foot, sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis), dry skin.
  • Diabetes foot care – our Clinical Director has ten years experience in caring for Diabetes Feet, having previously led an acute Diabetic Foot Team. She keeps us all on our toes! Pun absolutely intended.

Common Conditions

Corns are small, hard lumps of dead skin usually found on the soles of your feet or on the tops and tips of toes.

Corns are formed through pressure, often relating to poor footwear choices or deformities such as hammer toes.

Once a corn has formed it needs to be gently and safely removed by a Podiatrist. Over the counter “corn plasters” often contain salicylic acid and commonly cause damage to surrounding skin, sometimes leading to ulceration – take great care if using them.

At Infinite Podiatry we remove corns painlessly with a scalpel. We’ve done this thousands of times, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. We will also give you lots of advice about how to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Callus is a thickened, hardened area of skin usually found in an area of high pressure and/or friction. Dry skin can contribute to the formation of callus.

The ball of your foot, the tips and sides of toes and heels are common sites for callus. Some people suffer with a condition called Hyperkeratosis, which can cause an unusual proliferation of callus across the whole of the sole of the foot.

Callus can be addressed by the safe use of files and effective creams, and sometimes by changing footwear. Getting the right products for your feet is essential. If the callus is thick, it should be safely and gently removed by a Podiatrist.

At Infinite Podiatry all of our appointments include a big dose of advice to help you prevent or minimise the recurrence of callus. We stock the most effective foot creams and files and can advise you on the most appropriate option for you.

Dry heels can cause discomfort and itching, but are relatively easy to tackle with the right advice. However, in more severe cases dry heels can progress to CRACKED heels, which if left untreated can can heel fissures (deep cracks).

Prevention is better than cure, so if you know you’re prone to dry or cracked heels seeing a Podiatrist regularly can ensure they do not progress to fissures and skin splits.

At Infinite Podiatry we have a range of techniques to reduce the hard skin at your heels and decrease the risk of skin splitting. If the skin has split we also have strategies to keep your feet safe, get the splits healed as soon as possible and give you advice about preventing them from returning. Book in for a Foot Care appointment to get all the benefits of our knowledge.

If you really want to get on top of your dry or cracked heels, booking in for a Luxury Medical Pedicure will ensure they look and feel amazing

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Corns, Callus and Cracked Heels

At your First Foot Care appointment your practitioner will spend time understanding your foot problem and how best we can help to Revive your feet. They will take time to read through your medical history and ask you questions to clarify any condition which may affect the treatment or advice we will give you. We may also ask you about your occupation or activities. Our practitioners ensure they care for you as a whole person, not just a pair of feet!

We complete an ultrasound assessment for every new patient, assessing your circulation and how it is impacting on your foot health. Occasionally, this assessment highlights an arrhythmia of the heart and we are then equipped to complete a 6 lead ECG during the appointment. We also carry out a neurological assessment to consider the performance of your nerves. If the results of these assessments raise any concerns, we will discuss these with you and share the results with your GP. with your consent. We will also request any further appropriate investigations.

Once our assessment is complete we’ll start on the good stuff! We will gently cut your nails, reducing the depth of any which have become thickened. We will painlessly reduce callus and remove any corns, addressing any cracked heels and flaking/dry skin.

By the end of your First Appointment you will be armed to the teeth with advice about how to prevent recurrence of your foot problem and how to maintain good foot health. You will be given plenty of opportunity to ask questions and together we will develop a care plan for going forwards. If needed, we will book further appointments before you leave.

Following your First Assessment your practitioner may recommend that you book in for a Single Issue Appointment. These short appointments are designed for simple foot care problems, such as nail cutting or removal of a single corn. They cost less than a full follow up appointment, so can be cost effective for you. The appointments are around 10 minutes long, so both patient and practitioner must be certain that treatment and advice can be carried our safely within that timeframe.

We recognise the value of building and maintaining a relationship between patient and practitioner. From this point onwards we commit to ensuring you see the same practitioner at each visit, barring unexpected disaster!

Your practitioner will be familiar with both you and your feet and will adeptly complete your care the way you like it. They will update and reiterate foot care advice, and catch you up on all the gossip!